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When a film distributor of a region buys a film from a producer, he would buy prints proportionate to the number of screens planned for the release of the film. Including license charges, each print cost around Rs 40,000. An understanding between producers and distributors meant that this cost would be borne by either one party, or by both. When a film was finalized for a theatre, the print would be sent. The operator of the theatre would run it on the projector owned by it.

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This page hosts a weekly slideshow related to Tamil movies. Each slide includes a picture and some description about that picture. All the slides will have a recurring theme. People looking for actress stills, actress images, actor stills, actor images, movie stills, movie images, and other interesting topics, relevant issues in Tamil cinema will find this page useful. Analog Format Method | 8 Illegal Things We Do [email protected]###! - DT.