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By Sakthi Nian | Feb 11, 2019 07:05 PM

Extreme fun, dependable comedy that almost works every time, spontaneity, timing etc., All these define...Yogi Babu's portions in Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven. When you go in for a Sundar C film, you know what to expect - Two and a half hours of entertainment, with really funny comedy sequences. Does this STR starrer take you on a similar ride? Read ahead to know:

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Sundar C had a song named Oru Kuchi Oru Kulfi, Vandhu ninnu edu Selfie in his previous film Kalakalappu 2, while in this film there is a punch dialogue that Simbu utters - "Singam freeya irukku nu selfie eduka nenacha, selfie irukkum, nee iruka maata!" The supposed-to-be punch dialogues might look artificial, considering the overall packaging. In addition to this, there are comedy sequences that are not just unfunny, but also not engaging.

Technically too, the film doesn't inspire you much. Don't we expect a lot more from Hip-Hop Thamizha's music? Even though there are mass moments, a few stunts defy gravity and look over the top. They don't have to be real, but a bit of realism would have made the audience buy it.

The film has nothing new to offer and this fails to engage overall. The climax has a long emotional dialogue by Simbu, that has good intent. Yet, it falls flat because of the weaker previous scenes that didn't let you emotionally invest in it. Even though Simbu and his screen presence does a lot to resuscitate the film, the script doesn't complement his efforts.

Entertaining screenplay and Funnier dialogues, the USPs in a Sundar C film is low in VRV.  At times, the dialogues uttered by the characters resonate well with the thoughts of the audience. For instance, during a particular song, Yogi Babu interrupts saying "Pause the song!". The audience would very well relate with this dialogue, with concerns over the placement of songs.

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