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Production: Production Cast: 233 Direction: Althaf Salim Screenplay: Althaf Salim

It is not easy to convey things when you are making a silent film and probably that is where Karthik really shows his class, however, we will have to wait and see if a common man would understand everything that the director intends to convey. All the knots and the questions in our mind are untied like a gentle breeze, only at the end, and that's what works for the movie. But there is a chance that some of the audience might end up being confused.


A bit more thought could have made this a suspense classic, but at least it's nearly there. It is thought-provoking but sort of lacks the scare that fans of this genre tend to expect. Maybe Karthik could have orchestrated the tension a bit more with heightened suspense. The climax seems a little hurried.


Prabhu Deva proves his mettle as an actor. He sends chills down our spine with a terrifying makeup and the reason for what he does and why is shown as menacing as such is a suspense that you will have to know watching the film. Deepak Paramesh, Indhuja, Sananth, Shashank Purushotham and Anish Padmanabhan have emoted so well and look very convincing and real enough. Karthik has surely got his casting right.


There are four to five highlight moments that keep us glued to the screen even though you don’t get completely entertained with the proceedings. Prabhu Deva’s villainy act compels us to have some undivided attention on the frames. Santhosh Narayanan’s music elevates the intensity of the scenes put on display. The violins used as part of the BGM, in particular, are beautiful and sounds soothing to the ear.

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Verdict: Technically SOUND and SILENT convincingly