Review By : Album Release Date : Aug 01,2017

Production: 14 Reel Entertainment, Matha Productions Cast: Sneha, Vikram Direction: Sukumar Screenplay: Sukumar Story: Sukumar Music: Santhosh Narayanan Background score: Santhosh Narayanan Cinematography: Om Prakash Dialogues: Sukumar Editing: Sreekhar Prasad

Hiphop Tamizha, after creating a name for himself in the music, has now got into acting and direction with his debut film Meesaya Murukku, which has hit the screens now, among much anticipation.

The film is all about the dream of an aspiring youngster to achieve in the music industry through independent music. In short, it is the autobiography of Hiphop Tamizha Adhi and his close friend Jeeva. There's love, friendship, emotions that are pinned beautifully in this fun ride.

First things first, Hiphop Adhi has to be appreciated for deciding to take this story as a film, as it would definitely inspire loads of youngsters out there. His writing has been neat, and the film doesn't deviate much from its plotline.The screenplay is engaging and right from the first frame, Adhi gets the attention of the audience. The film is mostly entertaining and engaging, except for a few minutes post interval. The love scenes, though, interesting to an extent, acts as a speed breaker at places in the second half.

This film would perfectly connect more to the people, who have been following Adhi since his Club Le Mubbu Le days than those who started to follow him only after his feature debut. Adhi has also used his signature music album numbers which give you the nostalgic feel.

The scenes where his music album gets rejected, it makes us realise how we shouldn't get dejected when situations knock you down, in real life. It is a film that inspires you to become successful even after repeated failures. There are lots of emotional scenes in the film, yet the pace doesn’t falter much. Adhi, as a director too, has been responsible, as there are no unwanted drinking, smoking or double entendres. Added to this, he has also shown that college ragging can be positively handled too. Adhi catches the pulse of the audience perfectly and he knows when to make them laugh and when to make them realise the emotions. On the flip side, the second half was a little draggy and they could have tightened the screws a little harder. And since the film was made by Aadhi about him, one thinks, he might have had a small inhibition to not glorify his mass side. Maybe that could have given few goosebump moments to his fans towards the end.

Coming to the cast, apart from Adhi, it is RJ Vigneshkanth (plays Jeeva’s character) who easily scores the best. His timing works well and his chemistry with Adhi is highly enjoyable. Everyone could relate Vivek to be their father, as his character portrayal has been so realistic. Vivek, as a performer too, has definitely been impressive. Shah Ra’s comedies come in regular intervals which are good. Debutant Aathmika is decent with her limited screen time, and she scores well with the emotions. Ma.Ka.Pa Anand and Think Music Santhosh'c cameos and other YouTubers like Anbu, Nandhini, Gopi, Sudhakar, get good applause when they appear on the screen. But one feels the team could have worked some more to get a little more perfection from their performances.

Adhi’s music and background score give life to the film, and as the film is all about the travel of a musician, the score gels well along with the film. Visuals and edit are stylish, which are in good sync with each other. Editing needs a special mention for the style of cuts used in the film, especially during the fights and song sequences. Kudos to Sundar.C for finding these wonderful talents Hiphop Adhi & Jeeva, and producing this venture.

Verdict: Sumaar
( 2.0 / 5.0 )