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Ranking based on Radio Aircheck Data from Apr 05th 2016 to Apr 11th 2016
Album Release Date : Jan 04 2016
No. Weeks Completed : 14
Album Verdict : Blockbuster

I am continuing to receive many messages in my facebook account from not only existing friends but also people from all over the world. Many people seemed to have made emotional connection though they never knew me as a person directly. I have received invitations to visit their homes/schools/colleges as well as even things like health tips and religious messages. I was particularly happy to receive messages from high school as well as college students who expressed how inspired they were to read this story and shared their determination to one day reach heights of their own chosen career.

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Production: Matha Productions, Studio Green Productions Cast: Manisha Yadav, Priyanka, Surabhi, Vikiram Prabhu Direction: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Music: G V Prakash Kumar Screenplay: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Story: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Background score: G V Prakash Kumar Cinematography: S D Vijay Milton

Bike Racer aka Bike Race

Bike Racer aka Bike Race is a Tamil movie with production by Matha Productions, Studio Green Productions, direction by Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani, cinematography by S D Vijay Milton. The cast of Bike Racer aka Bike Race includes Manisha Yadav, Priyanka, Surabhi, Vikiram Prabhu.