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Review By : Release Date : Jan 30,2016

Production: Matha Productions, Studio Green Productions Cast: Manisha Yadav, Priyanka, Surabhi, Vikiram Prabhu Direction: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Screenplay: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Story: Prenama Ji, Rathore Mani Music: G V Prakash Kumar Background score: G V Prakash Kumar Cinematography: S D Vijay Milton

Sohail Khan, following his previous outing, Jai Ho, is now back with Freaky Ali. How has he handled the dual role of both the producer and the director? Does he succeed with Freaky Ali? Read more to find out .

Freaky Ali is a regular old story of rags to riches. It narrates the journey of a small time goon Ali, from a debt collector to a golf player. What are the challenges he faces?

The story is sprinkled with quirky humor here and there. But for the primary part, the jokes fall flat. They did not possess the humor touch and look forced. The screenplay is sluggish and fails to connect with the audience. Being an underdog story we all know how it would inspire us and make us root for the triumph of the underdog. Such moments are thoroughly missing.

The visuals are apt. The golf balls getting pitched into the holes are effectively shot. The music and score do not make a unique impression and they fail to last even for a short period of time. The backdrop premise and sets look convincing. By trimming the movie to under 2 hours, the editor, Prashant Singh Rathore has kept the runtime tact.

A few effective performance here and there like that of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Asif Barsa are a much needed welcome relief. But even they couldn’t save the lackluster screenplay. The characters are one-dimensional and quite a handful of them are just passing clouds including Amy Jackson who does not have much scope.

Overall with a shockingly insipid plot, Freaky Ali never takes off. It is stagnant and barring a few sequences fails to engage the audience. The treatment looks half baked and we wish the director had done better justice to this movie with a better execution.

Verdict: A messed up superheroes flick which is high on action and less on fun quotient!
( 1.25 / 5.0 )


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