Interview Team : Jose Zacharias
What is it about?
The film has Dante’s Inferno, the 11th-century Italian poet's interpretation of hell in the afterlife, as its point of focus. It also presents a rather disturbing fact : while the world’s population saw a steady rise through ages, it has in recent times acquired explosive expansion. If the explosive increase in population were to keep on progressing, it could lead to our extinction.  While there have been huge calamities through the ages such as the great plague have taken care of the excess population, there hasn’t yet been one for this age. What if a radical group wants to take matters into hands to clear off some population in order to save humanity?
What makes up the film?
The film follows the above-mentioned motives of the antagonists and their plan to make it happen. On the other hand, professor Langdon is called for help to solve puzzles that lead to the instrument of mass destruction that requires to be put off. So in essence. The film is a gripping tale of intelligent puzzles through real historical artifacts and Langdon solving them. So, like it’s predecessors, the film trots globes between historical places and museums.
What makes up the film


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