Interview Team : Jose Zacharias
After its 2nd weekend, the total Tamil Nadu gross of the Sivakarthikeyan starrer Remo is said to be close to 41 crores. As reported earlier, in Chennai city, the film's 2nd-weekend gross is estimated to be around 4.82 crores.
An exact figure isn't being pinned as yet but it is surely Sivakarthikeyan's highest till date. It feels nice to see the ‘Remo’ actor’s growth chart which sees an uptrend constantly. We hope he keeps the momentum going and give us more entertaining films in the future also.
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Remo Sivakarthikeyan

What doesn't work?

The screenplay, while apt and flawless

The screenplay, while apt and flawless, isn't all the more impressive. Somehow, it lacks pace where it is required and lacks patience where it is required. Characterisation of certain key players such as Irrfan Khan, Ben Foster etc, is simple and not solid. But all these wouldn’t work only if you’d take care to find fault. Some of the edits in the first half of the film, however, could have been more audience-friendly.

What works?

As in any of Dan Brown’s works,

As in any of Dan Brown’s works, expansive information on medieval European history is abundant in the film. If one is interested enough, the film should work brilliantly on that front. The beauty of Dan Brown’s work is that it is fiction weaved into true facts which make it semi real. Hence, the solid plot of the story is also something one might find amazing. The cast has done a fitting job - Tom Hanks probably will get to be called as Professor Langdon in real life too! The film is a globetrotter jumping from Florence to Venice to Istanbul, providing an interesting peek into some of the best Historic locations on the planet, which also works.

What makes up the film?

The film follows the above-mentioned motives of the antagonists and their plan to make it happen.

The film follows the above-mentioned motives of the antagonists and their plan to make it happen. On the other hand, professor Langdon is called for help to solve puzzles that lead to the instrument of mass destruction that requires to be put off. So in essence. The film is a gripping tale of intelligent puzzles through real historical artifacts and Langdon solving them. So, like it’s predecessors, the film trots globes between historical places and museums.


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