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Love has to click - Agreed that the love character has got a great reception from the audience, the same can backfire in Iru Mugan.  The 'love' character appears to be an experimental one and if it doesn't meet the audience's expectations, it might affect the film's post-release reception.
The first look poster of the film received mixed comments from few people, who claimed that it might be on the lines of popular English Television series Breaking Bad (deals with drug making and drug business). It is also rumored that the film might be an inspiration of 1997 Hollywood science fiction thriller, Face/Off. Interestingly, Iru Mugan's soundtrack has a song number called 'Face Off'. But we will know about this only after the film hits the screens!
We would have come across many personalities who are obsessed with someone; it could be their daughter, son, wife or friends. In the same way, this script’s hero loves his father more than anyone and he is over protective about him. He is mentally mad about his father and would go to any extent to protect him. He, in fact, falls in love with a stranger even without seeing her just because, his father likes her. That is his character sketch, pretty weird one might feel.
As the title suggests, it is the story of an energetic, hyper lad who gets into a tussle with a politically influential villain to save his father’s pride. A wrongful, corrupt minister (Rao Ramesh) wants an approval signature from an honest government servant (Sathyaraj) for an unlawfully planned building. Since Sathyaraj refuses to sign, he tries other means to make him do it and that is where our hero (Ram) comes into play.

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