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Production: Nadana Productions, Prakash Raj Cast: Cast Name, Cast Name 1, Cast Name 2 Direction: Art Directors Name, Shankar Mahadevan Screenplay: Screenplay Name, Shankar Story: Sanjeev Darshan , Story Name Music: Illayaraja, Music Name Background score: A R Rahman, Background Score Name, G V Prakash Kumar Cinematography: Paramu Dialogues: Prakash Raj Editing: Editing Name Art direction: Naresh Iyer Stunt choreography: Santhosh Sivan Dance choreography: Kala Singers: Chinmayi, Chitra Lyrics: Na Muthukumar PRO: M Hemanth, Nikil Distribution: Thenmozhi Das

Vijay Sethupathi’s Puriyaatha Puthir, whose release was on hold for quite a long time, has released finally and this is Makkal Selvan’s next release after the highly successful Vikram Vedha. The film’s trailers promised the film to be an intriguing thriller. Has the film lived up to the promise? Here is our review.

Kathir (Vijay Sethupathi), an aspiring music director, also takes care of his friend’s musical store and Meera (Gayathrie), who is a part time music teacher, comes to the store to buy a musical instrument. The first interaction between them happens very smooth, and from thereon, they start to talk regularly, and finally, they fall in love. However, after they get committed, Kathir receives an unnecessary MMS from a mysterious stranger, concerning himself and Meera. What is that message and where do these messages lead the couple to?

Vijay Sethupathi’s subtle essaying of the character is neat, but unusually at a few places, his mannerisms looked a bit artificial.  Gayathrie will be seen more as a performer in this film and she gets a very meaty role, but it seems as if the role was too heavy for Gayathrie to carry. She could have been more expressive. Mahima’s short role doesn't give us the needed impact. RJ Thilak’s character lacks clarity and justification. The director could've either used that character better or not involved it at all.

The very first shot that leads to the film’s title card is beautifully shot and it sets up an interesting start for the film. But, then comes the romantic portions, which is just about average and cliched. Only just a few minutes before the interval, the main story starts, where it begins to engage the audience.

One of the missing factors in Puriyaatha Puthir is the characterisation, as it lacks detailing. Had the characterisations been stronger, the impact would’ve been much more better. Also, the slow pace of the movie tests the patience. Only a selective set of scenes (like the bridge - raincoat scene), makes us feel more engaging. There could have been more such peaks. The suspense revelation should have actually been more impactful and the makers have also intended the same, but was the major twist compelling is a question. The intimate song in the second half hinders the film’s screenplay and it could’ve been cut short.

Ranjit Jeyakodi’s intention to present an intriguing thriller is nice, but the way of conceiving the idea and delivering it on screen could have been more confined and focussed. However, we can definitely appreciate him for his attempt to convey a strong message through the film. Dinesh Krishnan’s visuals are pleasant, and colorful, which adds a value to the movie and music by Sam.C.S is decent, especially the BGM. Though the film’s runtime is short, doesn’t give you that feel.


Verdict: Puriyadha Pudhir falls short of an engaging puzzle


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